Episode 02

This week, we review Secret Invasion #6, All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder #10, and X-Men: Magneto Testament #1. In addition to this, we tried to judge upcoming “events” with just our thumbs and individual opinions. We simply called it War of Thumbs.

You can download the file HERE

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and violent reactions.

2 thoughts on “Episode 02

  1. Miller’s All-Star Batman shouldn’t be taken seriously. That way you can actually enjoy the book and Jim Lee’s art. Coz everybody knows it’s shit, but that’s epic shit right there. Shit’s still shit at the end of the day, but at least you’ll get a good laught out of it.

    GJ guys.

    PS. Jan Pym IS hot.

  2. yes, jan pym ISSS Hawt. hmm, was thinking about not taking this book seriously but it’s frank miller. So the problem is he probably wants it to be taken seriously. If he was writing this for shits and giggles fine… but i dont think so..

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