Episode 04

In this episode, the komikeros review:

We also have a round of War of Thumbs discussing the recent influx of TV-show comics, political content in comic books, and the censorship of All-Star Batman #10. To cap it off, we crossfired points about the difference between comics and graphic novels… assuming of course that there really is one.

You can also download the episode here


2 thoughts on “Episode 04

  1. There’s really no difference between comics and graphic novels. “Graphic Novel” is just a term used by people who want to try to uplift comics by giving comics a different name, however superficial (in my opinion). I don’t agree with graphic novels being geared for adults, considering one of the pioneers of the graphic novel format, Herge, created comics geared for all ages. The Tintin adventures are still one of the most popular and enduring comic books (in graphic novel format) in the world. If comics are to be uplifted, then the material must be uplifted so “comic books” as they are really called, will be uplifted.

  2. Exactly, it’s just a term used by people to make “comic books” sound cooler and formal. There’s no difference. I don’t get why some people can’t understand that.

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