Episode 05

This week’s reviews feature Batman #680, Punisher War Journal #24, and Terror titans #1. We also showcase a handful of books in our quick shots as well as some pretty nifty new comic-related news in War of Thumbs. Finally, in the panel discussion we talk about what the comic industry needs in terms of genre variation and the like.

Download the episode here



7 thoughts on “Episode 05

  1. Yeah, you guys sound pretty good… Not so shy online huh Jon?
    And as for you EJ… One day… One day…

  2. thans for all the reviews and information guys! really helps a lot. you three should make a movie and get chuck norris to star with you.

  3. “Chuck’s triple human nunchuck!!!” Its gonna be a trilogy about some janitor who comes across shrunken voodoo bodies of me, john, and alex in the shape of a triple nunchuck and uses it to fight ninja whores from outer space!

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