Episode 06

This week features Action Comics #870, Ferryman #1, and Marvel Zombies 3 #1. Each of us also also do quick reviews of other books out this week and give our opinions on the Watchmen motion comic and the rumors about Megan Fox’s possible comic films. We also talk about what we think of summer comics events and its implications on the future of comics.

Download the episode -> click it!


7 thoughts on “Episode 06

  1. You mean the Watchmen part? Heh. Yeah, we just might review the Goon. Only Alex reads that title, so we need to catch up if we’re to do an informed review.

  2. nice review. i agree about the ferryman review, it really is good. i just hope the creators can keep at it. by the way, i’ve heard ms. fox is doing a movie with mr. norris.

  3. Deadpool V3?
    The Killer?
    The Sword?
    The Umbrella Academy?
    Green Lantern – Sinestro Corps? [Not sure About the Title]
    Kick Ass?
    Ultimates V3? [Yeah Yeah Its Crap!]

  4. Thanks guys, I guess I’ll talk about The Goon the next time it comes it. What’s happening in the book right now is like a new page in the Goon universe, while retaining it’s weird humor.

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