Smile Pile 10.29.08

I honestly don’t know anyone who isn’t enjoying the current Thor run, and I have in fact never been a fan of the guy. Stracszynski and Coipel, what a team. Thor #11 comes out this week and I absolutely cannot wait.

Also out this week:

JOKER Hardcover
MARVEL 1985 #6 (OF 6)

Let us know what you guys are looking forward to. It’s a relatively tame week, so we might pick up some books you want reviewed.



6 thoughts on “Smile Pile 10.29.08

  1. just a suggestion guys, it would be interesting to know whats your take on some classic issue or story arc or a graphic novel even to add to your already stable program 🙂

  2. i dont hate the monstahs, i love the monstahs. I just never read hellboy from the start. Ill probably never have the same view of hellboy as you guys do coz the first time I got a whiff of a hellboy story it was from the movie.. so.. ugh. which is why i love the movies hehehe

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