Episode 09

Alex was absent once again because Thor shat on his internet connection when a storm hit earlier this week, so EJ and John review Superman/Batman #53, Thor #11, and Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1.  They also bitch about Mark Millar’s Superman movie pitch, the resurgence of variant covers, and news about the Preacher film. To cap it off, the boys talk about their favorite horror films.

Download the episode here



7 thoughts on “Episode 09

  1. Oh you bastards making fun of me when I’m not around.

    Anyways, my highlight for the week would be Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch. It’s great to see Mike taking some time from his busy schedule to finally draw and write a Hellboy book. I guess this is to satisfy the fans’ thirst for a Hellboy tale before the continuation of “Darkness Falls” comes out this December.

    And my date went well.

  2. hmmm, jpeg dates! that’ new!

    anyway, i really like thor! and the appearance of cap floored me! oh yeah! the hooded figure with a star on his chest, its just so majestic an peaceful! and solemn too. i like the idea that his face was not shown. but i smell resurection!

  3. Nah, cap will be “the soul of america” from now on and hell be like deadman possessing the heroes of the future.

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