Episode 10


John, EJ, and Alex return with the weeks hottest books and discuss a bunch of quick shots after the main reviews — Ultimatum #1, Terra #1, and Gigantic #1.  Election season is over, so the boys also tackle such key issues such as the Gotham titles being cancelled/concluded in 2009, Loeb getting axed from the Heroes creative echelon, and Jenna Jameson’s Zombie Strippers feature. What?

Download the episode here



8 thoughts on “Episode 10

  1. You can add me as one of your loyal listeners. I’ve listened to all your episodes so far and I can’t wait for the next ep!

    What’s the local comic book scene like in Cebu? Maybe you could talk about that in one of your future eps. Thanks!

  2. Oh, well, glad you mentioned that Gerry. The comic book scene in Cebu is… oh, I actually have no idea. John and Alex should definitely tackle this question. Hmmm, commenting past midnight is definitely not my strong point.

  3. The comics scene in Cebu is virtually non-existent. I’m lucky enough to be in a close-knit but oh-so-small group of artist-friends who are both enthusiasts AND creators, but sadly I don’t think there are any indies in circulation right now, mostly because there just isn’t a strong enough market for it here, thus making it unwise… from a marketing standpoint. I used to be in two separate local comic entities back when I was still in school, but those went under before too long. These days, I work with foreign writers to do American indies instead. The goal is to get into Marvel or DC though, to make publishing a local indie much, much easier.

  4. I’m with Gerry as one of your loyalists from now on. You guys are very fun/entertaining. I put your show in my iPod and listen to you guys at work =)

    I noticed that your reviews are somewhat different from each other, so I was wondering if you guys have comic related backgrounds. What are your actual jobs? And do you prefer certain kinds of comics? I ask because knwoing your comic preferences may help me understand your reviews a little more.

    I’ll shut up now. Thanks!

  5. The comics scene in Cebu is made up of me and John. The rest are anime and manga fans. Heh, just kidding. But I believe there are (more) comics fans here in Cebu, it’s just that they haven’t shown themselves or we haven’t met them yet.

    And Zdarsky has a very cool idea! Maybe we should put up profile pages? Thanks, man!

  6. Hello Guys.

    I just finished listening to episode 10, and I like it very much.
    Count me as one of your loyal listener.

    Now if you excuse me.. I have to download your previous 9 episode that I just missed.. 😀

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