Tres Komikeros 11

ep11EJ, Alex, and John take time off from their usual earth-saving shenanigans to bless you guys with some comic reviews — Batman: Cacophony #1, Action Comics #871, and Wolverine (Old Man Logan) # 69.  After a round of quick shots, the boys express their views about Beyonce wanting to be Wonder Woman, Brett Ratner’s Conan, and the absence of a squid in the upcoming Watchmen film.

In place of a panel discussion, a listener’s question from last week is answered, and don’t forget to check out the new profile page up top, right above the comments section.

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8 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 11

  1. I thought the Black Freighter story was awesome. It appeals to my interest in all things dark, hideous, horrible and heartbreaking. The writer of the Black Freighter story within Watchmen, was one of the creative people hired to fill the monster squid with all kinds of hellish and unspeakably terrible visions. The inclusion of the Black Freighter story, although not really absolutely essential to the story being told, contributes a lot to the atmosphere, as well as understanding why the devastation caused by the squid to be so effective. Imagine the Black Freighter story, and the horrible things that have happened there, the emotions, revulsion, pathos and guilt it evokes, combined with other hellish visions from other similar minded writers and artist (throw in HP Lovecraft, Alan Moore, Clive Barker and Stephen King for instance), multiplied that a hundred times, and project it into the minds of innocent people… you start to understand why and how it caused that kind of devastation.

    And yeah, 4 thumbs down (my feet included) on the squid not being in the movie. That’s just laughably stupid. I don’t care of they got all the details of the Gunga Diner right, or all the details of that newsstand right… those things aren’t really important. But if you start to mess with an essential element of what made Watchmen unique, and that original ending is one of the major things that made Watchmen unique, that’s just… wrong.

  2. And there you go, a better understanding of the Black Freighter story brought to you by Mr. Alanguilan himself. I guess it makes more sense now that you mention that, yeah.. it definitely added to that bleakness and gloom of the overall story. It was still a chore to read though..

  3. I find it baffling though, in the light of the omission of the squid, that Zach Snyder still insists on shooting the Black Freighter story (even if it is for the DVD). If he is going to omit the squid, then it would omit a lot of other elements in the story that directly relates to the squid, Black Freighter included. What is the point then, of the that story if the squid never even existed? Even if it’s just for fun, or even if it’s just for “the fans”?

    What would the Comedian then see that would cause him to break down in tears in front of Moloch? I’m sure they’d come up with something, but it’s got to be something truly terrible to completely destroy the Comedian emotionally.

    I had such high hopes for Watchmen, having been sufficiently impressed by 300. I was ready to accept the many changes (Nite own being cool, kick ass and Batman-y instead of nerdy, overweight and owl-y for instance), but changing such a major part of what made Watchmen unique, is something that really bothers me.

  4. Though its not really essentiall to the story lines progression, The Black Freighter, gives flavor that is unique to the Watchmen Book. I loved the intertwining of the Freighter with the main story [especially the scene where the protagonist starts eating Raw-Shark, and repeats that, then the next panel would be of a phone ringing in the police offices, the Detective picks up the phone and continues the dialoge “Raw-shark? … Rorschach!”] , is both fun and delves more into the grim mood that the main story. I digress to say more on the matter since Mr. Alanguilan has elaborated on it more eloquently.
    The movie on the other hand is getting so away from the source material that i have little or no hope that this was done right.

    Top Show once again! I agree on the WOLVY book, since it has been a long wait since the last issue, and i feel almost cheated. But the more they stretch it out makes me wonder how long they can push James Howlett’s buttons. I realy love this book and i want it to end with a bang. Millars been doing good for himselfe. . .

    I’ve said this to my friend: “Isnt it amazing that Brett “Franchise Killer” Ratner is still allowed to do movies.

  5. Hahaha!!! Thanks for answering my question. I’m not gonna send you guys hate mail though coz that was a pretty good Johann Krause, John. I’m not German. Rock on, guys!

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