Tres Komikeros 14


The Tres Komikeros are back, people!  Look grateful!  EJ, Alex, John skip the number 13 to bring you an oversized episode 14, making up for last week’s hiatus.  The boys review the conclusions to DC’s Batman R.I.P. and Marvel’s Secret Invasion and check out a local indie entitled Trese!  The rest of the episode is a Marvel bonanza from the quick shots to the panel discussion about Dark Reign, so DC fans, wait til next week.  Lastly, be warned that this episode has a lot of spoilers.  Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!  Enjoy.

Download the episode here

(If you are having trouble with the downloads, right-click the link, Save Link As… and that should take care of it.)


9 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 14

  1. Murag kitang istak bai!! Dunno if I got that right.. Im totally Ilonggo, hehe. Thanks Jay, tell others about the site too!

  2. Great episode! Thank god you guys are back, work was getting boring. I had no idea there are so many industry stars from the Philipines. More indies please!

  3. While there are bored people suffering at work, grounded kids stuck in their rooms, oppressed geeks forced to enjoy their arts in silence, there will always be a light that shines in your earholes… for the tres komikeros will hold that eveready flashlight and blow up the darkness with awesome!

  4. Whatevs? whatevs!! John? what kind of lingo does ‘whatevs’ come from? you should get out more.

    it’s a good thing that you have reviewed a local comic book! kudos to you all. you three are leaving a mark, so keep at it.


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