Tres Komikeros 15


After douching away about brand-new TV sets and messing around in comic shops, EJ, Alex, and John review Secret Six #4, Elmer #1, and Final Crisis #5.  They also react to what they’ve seen of the live-action Dragonball film and the whole gender-switching trend in superheroes as of late.  Lastly, the boys have a panel discussion about which of the big two universes they would like to live in as civilians.

Download the episode here

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12 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 15

  1. “The Mystery Play” from Vertigo in 1994 was my first exposure to the incomprehensibility of Grant Morrison. Honestly, I was scratching my head when I read that. I traded it for an issue of Youngblood written by Alan Moore. Honestly, Youngblood was far superior. Apparently, there is a certain section of the writing elite who believe that ending a story as vaguely as possible is a sign of great storytelling and immense literary intelligence and worthy of great respect. Personally, I think it’s bullshit.

    However, Grant has written some stories that I just loved like St. Swithin’s Day, New X-Men and All Star Superman. Why? Because they actually told a whole story. And they told GREAT stories.

  2. I agree. I appreciate ambiguity and all, especially when it serves to not let you passively consume a piece of literature and actually makes you an active participant. But there’s a huge difference between just being ahead of your audience and leaving them in the dust.

    Flex Mentallo was a weird but strangely satisfying read, so I’m hoping Final Crisis will come together when it’s done.

  3. Just read FINAL CRISIS.
    Yup, I must agree… that was another MIDNFCUK session.

    But after reading his Grant’s entire SEVEN SOLDIERS run, I think I was ready for his twists and turns.

    I just wish they could’ve stuck with just one artist.

  4. Actually what I’m lookin for is some hate mail! Hits kinda dropped this week so I’m thinkin half the people didn’t like our views on Morrison. So bring it on man! Really want to know what the GM lovers out there think.

  5. Hi guys.
    If I were to choose between DC or Marvel Universe.
    I will choose DC.
    Because I have a big crash on Supergirl…
    All of them… 😀

    Oh yeah… Powergirl too 😀

  6. Noooo… you’re a fan of CLEAVAGE!!!! Lol, I think all of us have the same sentiments on that point. Good one.

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