Cover of the Week – 01.01.09

Cover of the Week is my presentation of the best cover from last week’s comic book releases, based on the art, design, and overall good looks.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! How were your holidays?  Cool?  Yes? It’s a new year and I’m still at it!  Featuring the best comic book cover last week’s releases have to offer!  This week, we will feature art from one of my favorite noir artists.  The exceptionally talented Sean Phillips!

Incognito #1 (Sean Phillips)

smokin' billz
smokin' billz

This is actually a wrap-around cover for the new book from the dudes that gave us Criminal and Sleeper.  What makes this my choice? A few reasons actually.  This cover is a good example of good use of font design, it does not steal the attention from the art while maintaining a strong presence. The use of b/w with the exception of the burning bill and the fire, another way of contrasting elements, thus highlighting specific areas of the piece.  And a masked dude lighting a cigar with a bill? That’s badass! Even Wolverine can’t beat that!

Panel of the Week: Fantastic Four #562 (art by Bryan Hitch)

NDS hell yeah! Boy's got taste!
NDS hell yeah! Boy's got taste!

And that’s my cue to sleep! I’ll see you boys and girls in a few days for more comics talk and nonsensical arguments!

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