Hi guys!  A big fat sorry to everyone as we haven’t been able to whip out any new episodes lately.  We’ve been dealing with some real world stuff as of late, and the podcast has unfortunately had to take the back seat as a result.  For one thing, our individual internet providers were on the fritz and sometimes still are, so we couldn’t work that fancy Skype shit out.  And secondly, things have been going on with our jobs that make it hard for us to get our schedules aligned and in agreement.  And these are only some of the things going on.  So yeah…

Don't ask who the middle car is.
Don't ask who the middle car is.

But the boys and I are doing everything we can to get the show back on the roa — “Season 2,” so to speak.  We don’t get paid to do the show or anything, but we absolutely love it and even consider it as some twisted brand of Nerd Therapy.  We’ll be back.  Count on it.

Thanks for sticking around!



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