Tres Komikeros 28

tk28EJ, Alex, and John bring you spankin’ spiffy reviews of Cry for Justice #3, 28 Days Later #1, and Ultimate Comics: Spider-man #2.  After a round of the quick shots, the boys discuss Guy Ritchie’s signing on to direct a Lobo film, and then they speculate on WHO! COULD! PLAY! THE! MAIN MAN!

Rumors are started.

Oh and you’ve probably already heard…



Educate yourself here.

(If you are having trouble with the downloads, right-click the link, Save Link As… and that should take care of it.)


2 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 28

  1. I don’t understand why they have to cartoonize drawings to make it appealing to younger readers. When I was a kid reading comics… I believe I was around 8-10 years old, I really loved the art on X-men, which was at the time being done by Dave Cockrum. I also loved Sal Buscema’s art on The Hulk, and Mike Grell’s art on Legion of Superheroes. I liked the Daffy Ducks, but even as a kid, I felt they were trivial stuff. The superheroes were badass and kickass. Wolverine’s claws coming OUT OF HIS HANDS rather than his gloves? That was awesome to me as a kid.

    Admittedly, at that age I didn’t like Neal Adam’s stuff, which I thought was too adult. I did like Jim Aparo’s stuff, which was similar to Neal’s but less dark.

    To make these comics kid friendly, all you need to get is a solid artist who will tell the story simply visually. Not too dark. You don’t have to insult these kids’ intelligence by drawing cartoons. They can appreciate more realistic stuff… to a point.

    No swearing, no excessive blood, no excessive violence, no nudity, or even excessive skin. And believe it or not, flat bright colors appeal to younger readers. A lot of kids are turned off by the excessively sculpted trying-to-be-realistic colors.

    Kids are also attracted to clear cut bad guys, and clear cut good guys. It may result in simplistic stories, but you can make good yarns out of clear cut characters like that.

  2. I completely agree. A lot of people forget that even kids have bullshit detectors — they can totally tell when someone is talking down to them.

    Just tell a good story with no adult themes. I’m no writer, and maybe I’m oversimplifying… but there has to be SOME way to keep things interesting without too much sex and violence.

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