Tres Komikeros 30

tk30Ultimate Armor Wars #1, Batman and Robin #4, and Invincible Iron Man #18!  It’s a robot suit and caped crusader extravaganza as EJ, Alex, and John reunite Power Ranger-style to bring you comic reviews, juvenile humor, and other important stuff.  After a round of Quick Shots and War of Thumbs, the boys ask  an important question:

What does the Comics Industry need?  More stores?  New genres?  Or female readers?

Join the boys in this spankin’ fresh 30th episode!

Download the episode here.

(If you are having trouble with the downloads, right-click the link, Save Link As… and that should take care of it.)



4 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 30

  1. i agree about getting more female readers into comics. that would really have a multiplying effect on the whole industry. that might also get Jason Statham to star as Lobo. or there is always Chuck Norris.

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