Tres Komikeros 35

Holy crap!  It’s the 35th episode and we’re still proud to be geeks! Alex couldn’t join the foolishness this week, but EJ and John were around to deliver the douchery.  And as if that isn’t already more than you can handle… this episode introduces the FOURTH komikero… Miguel!  Books reviewed this week include Amazing Spider-man #614, Secret Six #16, and Invincible Iron Man #21.

After a round of quick shots, we enjoy War of Thumbs… and then cap off the show with a continuation of last week’s panel discussion about Comic Fan Elitism.

Download knowledge here.



15 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 35

  1. woof! too bad I wasn’t able to join the fun! Paul Azaceta is full of win, I first saw his stuff on Punisher and I instantly fell in love. And then he did BPRD! And I love how he did the current Spidey, who thought such a dark and gritty art can work on a mainstream book like ASM?

    Also, can’t wait on that Vultress pic.

  2. Hey guys… interesting discussion on comic book elitism. I have an example for you. I’ve come across a few people who wouldn’t even touch a Pinoy made comic book because they believe they can’t be as good as Marvel and DC. You know, they’d spend thousands a week on these Marvel and DC stuff, but can’t be arsed to cough up 50 pesos, 100 pesos for a Pinoy indie.

    People spend thousands of pesos for the glossy Marvel and DC tradepaperbacks, coughing up upwards of 4k for the Absolutes and Omnibuses, but scoffs in indignation at the 500 peso price tag on Manix Abrera’s brilliant “12” graphic novel.

    I shouldn’t be surprised. Such elitism runs much much deeper than just comics here in the Philippines.

  3. That’s an interesting point. It brings to light the parallels between elitism and being blindly judgmental.

    Like Mr. Fantastic always says to Sue, “Try everything once.”

  4. note to john amor: fix migs voice..great review though!
    haven’t listened to you guys for a while..glad to hear mr. you should be drawing..hehe! cge mag grampa sako para ma ‘fisional

  5. I think it’s not just “not liking” a particular creator’s work like say Jeph Loeb. It’s not elitist to say you don’t like Jeph Loeb’s work if you don’t like his work in general, based on what you’ve previously read.

    Elitism is more like disliking not just a creator, but a whole comics line because of pre-conceived notions of their quality. For instance, the typical Comics Journal freak hates superhero comics because they all suck. That may well be elitism. Same is true vice versa.

  6. Filipinos not reading Filipino Comic books are the equivalent of self-loathing Jews… or black golfers who seems to only sleep with white women…

  7. I think these people who won’t even touch a pinoy comic don’t even know that some of their “favorite” marvel/dc comics are made by pinoys. They can’t be elitists then, I say they’re just ignorant. I pity them.

  8. see, i’m not elitist…. so for the sake of fairness, i hope jeph loeb’s work drastically improves. ill be rooting for you old man!

  9. What say ye guys though about the “elitism” between Western and Manga comics?.. I’m not so much a Manga fan myself but respect can always be given with regards to that, right?

  10. I’m not sure that’s elitism as much as it is a matter of taste. I enjoy me a healthy amount of manga and anime, and it doesn’t take away from my love of the Western mainstream.

  11. i dont like much the superhero genre of comics nowadays and most my recent collections are Pinoy made like Elmer, Trese and 12. more patriotic?or elitist? but its still boils down to still loving comics to all these years 🙂

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