Crisis on Two Earths

John is back and EJ joins him to review the latest DC animated feature JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS on TWO EARTHS.  Tan tan taaaaan!!!  Join the boys as they discuss the film’s highs and lows, their thoughts on James Woods’ performance, and their personal favorite DC superhero animated films.

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8 thoughts on “Crisis on Two Earths

  1. Compared to Planet Hulk. JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS on TWO EARTHS is way way better. Specially with the action scenes. I really like this move a lot. 🙂

  2. I completely agree. The DC animated films are simply in a league of their own, in my opinion. Hopefully Marvel will step up soon, with Disney behind them.

  3. Wonder Woman was the best part of this movie. Warner Bros. should take a good look at how she was portrayed here if they’re in any way interested in making a Wonder Woman movie.

  4. Wonder Woman VS Super Woman fight scene was the best. The animation was flawless. Complete with the MMA “submit/tap-out” thing.

    I like the story about the invisible jet here. Compared to the Wonder Woman story where an invisible jet on a secluded island away from any civilization just suddenly came to be. Come on DC people. At lease in this movie, they have explained that the jet is actually has a cloaking device just like what the ships of the Star Trek universe uses. That is much more plausible.

  5. Agreed. I don’t like the original origin of the plane either, but somehow… I also dislike the idea that her plane stays invisible only because the cloaking device got busted.

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