Tres Komikeros 42

John, EJ, and Migs volt in this week (but not the way you would think… sicko) and review Flash: Rebirth #6, New Avengers #62, and Blackest Night #7.  After a round of Quick Shots and War of Thumbs, the bastards discuss the possibility of burn out caused by an over-saturation of comic book films in the cinemas.

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4 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 42

  1. I dunno, who was it that was paranoid that Kick Ass would have a deleterious effect on the appreciation of superhero movies? Migs? I think you might be too paranoid about the effect that this movie is going to have, whether it makes big money or not.

    It’s true that the superhero genre of movies might fade, but nearly all genres of movies fade at some point or the other. War movies fade. Westerns fade. Sci-fi fades… the only genre that never seems to fade are dramas. Superheroes will fade too. People will get tired of it, specially when more Daredevils and Catwomans are made, when Hollywood starts running out of comics to make into movies, and not because Kick Ass disillusions people about superhero movies. I think it’s a ridiculous notion, to be honest.

    But you know what? if superhero movies fade, they will at some point make a come back. Like Westerns come back, like War Movies come back, like Fantasy comes back. No genre ever dies simply because one movie of the type disillusions people from ever watching them again.

    I really think genres like this need to rest once in a while and out of the public limelight. If superhero movies fade, it would actually be a good thing because they will be all the bigger when they come back, specially when new people come in with fresh new ideas.

  2. @gerry: Thanks for the input, Gerry. I know that it sounds like I’m taking it a bit too much to heart when I say that the Kick-ass movie might mark the decline of movies based on comic books (specifically Superhero Movies) in Hollywood.

    I guess one of my biggest concerns is how this will affect the comic book industry itself, seeing as how the releases of movies such as X-Men and Spider-Man have “helped” bring about a Comic Book renaissance of sorts in 2000s. It’s not that I see the release of the Kick-ass movie as the genre’s Harbinger of Death. More like a sign of things to come.

    It’s also not to say that I don’t think Kick-ass could be a great film (I loved the comic book). It’s more like I’m fearful of what satirical deconstruction will do to the image of Superhero movies as a serious artform in eyes of the general audience.

    But I do agree with you that it is almost inevitable that the Superhero genre will fade, just like most sub-genres in Hollywood. This is probably just me hoping against hope that it doesn’t.

    @John: Don’t you tell me to go to slZZZZZzzzzzzz…..

  3. Man, I’m just looking forward to Iron Man 2 and The Losers later this year. I didn’t like the KickAss comic… so I don’t really care for the movie.

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