Tres Komikeros 43

John and Alex team up to bring you reviews of Brave and the Bold #32, Green Hornet: Year One #1, and Siege #3!  After a round of quickshots, the boys discuss the rumor about Evans being Captain America and then go serious to discuss the trend of violence in comics and how it hurts the industry.

Download the episode here


At the tail end of the show, John makes a personal announcement and introduces the TK Book Club — the monthly group reading activity that TK will spearhead to expand comic fan interaction.  April’s TK Book Club Pick is Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing (volume one).  Listen to the show to learn more.

3 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 43

  1. 1. Read the Siege series and I’m uber excited on the new heroic age. I have to agree that it is kinda predictable but yet entertaining for me. really excited on April’s issue on Siege..

    2. Congrats pre, sa pag engagement nimo sa gf. Bravo pre bravo!!!

    3. Sa tino-o-ray pre nag lisod ko pag unsai recommend ko sa mga comics karon para sa akong 5 yr old nephew mga comics. sakto kaayo sad oi nah daghan kaayo mga adulterated stuff sa mga store and lisod kaayo ang pag kuha og audience sa anang demographic.

    its a bit too much chlorine in the swimming pool if you know what I mean, unta nay balance para sa adult size comics and also some para sa mga kids para sad sa mga kids.

    not just for comics but all mediums as well.

    but nag sugod man ang marvel og mga marvel adventures mga digest murag a little motivation wont hurt sa mga young readers.

  2. Oh yeah, I think the local Marvel/DC kids digest is a great way to introduce people to comics and eventually lead them to buying the actual books. For just Php 100.00 they get a smaller sized book with I think 2 stories. So instead of paying 100 pesos for a few hours’ worth of computer games, why not get some real entertainment by buying comics!

    (I sounded like I’m promoting a product)

  3. There are also a lot of webcomics for kids. We’ll run a feature here on TK and recommend some good online reads soon enough. Thanks for the comment, Christian =)

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