Women in Comics

In this special flashback panel… EJ, Alex, and John talk about the fairer sex and how they are portrayed in comics.  The boys ponder on such Olympian topics such as female characters getting more solo books and Oprah being an X-Woman.

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19 thoughts on “Women in Comics

  1. I know you guys are a primarily superhero oriented podcast, but outside of that there’s a huge world of really awesome female characters. There’s the title characters in Posey Simmonds’ Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe for instance. Vaguely superhero is Martha Washington by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons. One of the most kick ass female characters in the history of comics.

    Anyway, I think you guys need a female guest host once in a while, whenever one or two of you is away. That’s a serious suggestion. Having a female co-host who is a comics fan can give your listeners the female point of view in the comics that you read.

  2. @gerry: Actually, John’s fiance Jad is thinking about joining the show. She’s already doing the new “Spoil Me” segment on the podcast. For the mean time I think she’s reading as much she can and is showing a real interest in the medium. We’re really looking forward to actually having her join The Fray… and the podcast.

  3. @Gerry Alanguilan

    since you’re talking about women in comics how about educating us in our own philippine comics..with the exception of darna of course..im sure guys like Francisco Coching, Nestor Redondo etc. had some great female heroines made for philippine comics..way back.

  4. We’ve had a history of very strong female characaters. Jill of Mars Ravelo’s Jack en Jill was a pretty strong woman, and this was in the early 1950’s. The star of Coching’s Maldita and Talipandas were also very strong and the latter very cunning. Nestor Redondo created Diwani, a very beautiful and alluring and yet strong woman, also in the early 1950’s. This one is set to be compiled and reprinted by Atlas, I hear.

    I forget the name of the character, but Nestor Redondo was also responsible for helping create a Lara Croft type character (yes, including the shorts and guns) in the early 60’s.

    That’s just the ones that immediately come to mind, but there are a lot lot more.

  5. Sometimes i find it depressing that artists (local pilipino artists to be specific) today don’t even have a clue that Philippines once had a booming comics industry..with art and stories that were at par with the comics made at the states then..in my opinion their work still hold a great relevance in our local art community..A Coching or a Redondo artwork can still dish out lethal blows when being compared against any Alex Ross, Frank Cho or Adam Hughes artwork.

    Going back to the topic..Gerry, did Coching create a a Shanna the she devil kind of character?..i think he did i just can’t recall her name..in my opinion Philippine comics had great and strong women characters but majority doesn’t belong to the superhero genre.

  6. Awesome reviews and healthy comments discussion. I’d love to give a female opinion on the show. Maybe Kat too?

    Anyway, you realize that if I join the show this whole website will need to be redone entirely in pink. and in unicorns. and curtains.

  7. @gerry

    oic..Kulafu was created by Coching right?..well if I was correct i kinda remembered a girl version of Kulafu from Coching drawings i’ve seen on the net..especially your website since that’s where i got to see more artwork from our homegrown talents from way back I think it was Diwani that i saw and just mixed up the artist..nway I was really a huge fan of Aliwan komiks back when i was a kid..especially the art of Louie Celerio..nway im a big Coching fan as well i’ve checked out a book made about him it’s just a bit dissapointing that there’s only a few artworks..i know it’s a history book but i do hope they publish a book where it just showcases his artwork or the kind that’s been published recently the El Indio collected edition.

  8. Lloyd, Dumagit is actually the guy. The girl is kind of a sidekick.

    Kulafu is actually created by Francisco Reyes.

    The Coching family is actually planning an all artwork book for Coching. Might be a while though!

  9. @gerry

    aw! man! i thought i had it nailed down..nway..i tried my best..i do hope the Coching family will have a paperback version of it..coz the existing book sports a hefty price tag..considering my meager funds..it’s too much..but anyway i do hope there’s gonna be more books or artbooks coming from our classic artists.

  10. Lloyd, if you go to National Bookstore where the comics adaptations of Noli and Fili are at, you’ll be able to spot an inexpensive compilation of Coching’s Lapu Lapu, published by Atlas. 🙂

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