Tres Komikeros 46

EL, Alex, John, and Migs… that’s right… the whole zoo crew returns for some spankin’ reviews of Invincible Returns #1, Turf #1, and SHIELD #1.

After a round of quick shots, find out who the Tres Komikeros would rather be stuck with in a post-apocalyptic world: Grant Morrison or Jeph Loeb.

Download the audio file here


3 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 46

  1. Guys….Jonathan Ross is huge. As in he’s very popular in the UK as a Talk show/Radio show host. He was never in Doctor Who, but he frequently has people from Doctor Who on his show.

    He’s a HUGE comic book fan. He did a comic book documentary on Spider-man and Steve Ditko culminating in New York where he and Neil Gaiman actually met Steve Ditko. Off camera because he refused to be shot on camera.

    The documentary is HIGHLY recommended. Here’s part 1:

    He’s always dreamed of writing a comic book, and it seems he got his wish. Haven’t read it yet though.

  2. Thanks for the trivia!

    Tell us though, Gerry… who would YOU prefer to be stuck in a post-apocalyptic landscape with? Grant Morrison or Jeph Loeb?

  3. you gotta watch that docu John…. I watched it again myself just now and it’s just awesome.

    Post apocalyptic landscape companion? if it ain’t Summer Glau I’d rather shoot myself.

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