Tres Komikeros 47 – Swamp Thing

In the first TK Book Club episode, EJ, Alex, and John assemble to talk about Alan Moore’s classic run on everyone’s favorite muck monster!  With Jad chiming in at random parts of the show to spoil us all, join the boys as they share their thoughts on this classic Vertigo series, and then discuss recent changes in the Zuda Comics modus operandi.

Download the audio file here


Book Club Pick for May:


3 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 47 – Swamp Thing

  1. love the series pre. I do love alan moores work i wasnt familiar of swamp thing… I might pick up if i got the cash…

    i saw the pics for the new thor. I’m really pumped for next year… anyways, if i got some extra cash. I might pick up the swamp thing. the last horror comic that i red was hellblazer..

    so far so good ang inyong book of the month club…

  2. thanks christian, you should read locke and key as well. not exactly horror, but it’s from stephen king’s kid. pretty cool.

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