Tres Komikeros 48

Alex and John sit down and talk about last week’s hot books.  This episode features Batman and Robin #12, Hellboy in Mexico, and Brightest Day #1.  In the panel discussion, John raises some concerns about comic industry trends and compares the comic fanbase to manga enthusiasts.

Download the audio file here


8 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 48

  1. i agree about the fan-base stuff. i fell in love with comics during grade school. i read all the second hand comicbooks our registry office had, even finished all the religious stuff (and btw Samson would make an awesome antihero. lol)
    that’s why i bought my little sister Fables and Mouseguard and she’s loving it so far. fyi she just entered highschool, so that means i’ll have to keep her away from guys like you.

  2. It’s good that you’re able to influence your sister into liking comics! I wish more older brothers/sisters out there will follow your example!

  3. your Aquaman King Arthur analogy blew my mind.

    maybe Manga is more popular to a younger audience because it is cheaper.

  4. Hellboy in mexico was a really fun story. It was pretty close to the movie version of the character, not a horrible thing in my book.

  5. @Nathan
    Thanks for listening!

    The price tag on Manga is definitely one of the factors contributing to its strength. Another is regularity. I believe most of them are weekly. Mainstream comics seem to be slowly adopting this model, but there’s still a long way to go.

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