Cover of the Week – May 12, 2010 releases

Cover of the Week is a presentation of the best cover from last week’s comic book releases, based on the art, design, and overall good looks.

Hello everyone and welcome again to another issue of Cover of the Week. Today we will discuss the beauty of Kaare Andrews’ Astonishing X-Men.

Astonishing X-Men – Xenogenesis #1, art by Kaare Andrews

I rarely use group shot covers because of two things. One, the cover looks cramped with all the characters in it; and two, they all have these generic poses. So why choose a group shot this time? Well, because of two things! One, because it’s a double spread, that means you don’t have to cramp 6 characters in one page; and two, the poses are generic, yet Andrews is able to draw it in such a way that each characters’ personality shows on their poses! I also like how he used a plain white background, that way the characters are highlighted without unnecessary details. A black border on the top that blends in to the title, which doesn’t make the title very awkwardly placed. If you want, you can buy another copy of this book and turn the cover into a poster!

I know some people don’t like Kaare Andrew’s art. They say the anatomy is so off and everything looks weird. Well, Andrews is one of those artists who sacrifice anatomical accuracy to gain fluidity in storytelling. Sure, he’s not accurately drawing which muscle contracts when drinking a glass of water, but he sure knows how to make his characters “move” from panel to panel. It also allows him to draw characters who are oozing with individuality and personality that other “realistic” artists cannot do. And that’s exactly what he was able to do with this cover.

It’s a clean straightforward cover that’s perfect for a first issue arc. And if you like to check out more Kaare Andrews art, try picking up Spider-Man: Reign.

So, what’s your cover of the week?

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