Tres Komikeros 49

Alex and John have a heart-to-heart talk about Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1, Zatanna #1, and Avengers #1!  After a round of quickshots, the boys talk about Megan Fox’s recent TF3 upset.  Lastly, John asks Alex who he would like to meet at a comic con if deceased creators could somehow be given black lantern rings.

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13 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 49

  1. that comment on megan fox being a michael turner character made me laugh. and yeah, shed be perfect for witchblade or fathom.

  2. Megan Fox = Vampirella


    Stan Lee scripts are mostly comments on Kirby’s drawings. That explains it.


    Dream Con
    Geoff Johns
    Grant Morrisson
    Alan Moore (hair care tips)
    Jonathan Hickman
    Darwyn Cooke
    Ethan Van Sciver (why is he so slow?)
    then I’d commission Ivan reis to make a gatefold of dead creators (Kirby, Turner etc)
    with the “LIVE” logo.

  3. Thanks for listening, George!

    That, sir, is a pretty good list. But I’m kicking myself for forgetting Mike Wieringo!

  4. Vampirella? Eh, she’ll be ok. If they get to do an Archie movie, she’ll be a good Veronica.

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh I can see it now…………….

  5. i was kinda offended with alex when he said “childish” style regarding the avenger animated cartoon but i called it quits when the part came when he said…

    Alex: Facebook is bad beacause…….and you can add as in Facebook or we can add you as a friend…

    that crack me up!..

    and on the artist thing…

    dead local guys:
    1.) Francisco V. Coching- Sir…i insist that you be cloned..RIGHT NOW!
    2.) Nonoy Marcelo- Sir can you comment on Dayo and Urduja?

    dead foreign guys:
    1.) J.C. Leyendecker (ok he’s not in comics)does J. C. stand for Jesus Christ or are you really gay?
    2.) Dan DeCarlo
    3.) Doug Sneyd
    4.) Ronald Searle

  6. @Alex I just want her in a skimpy costume. haha.

    Oh wait. She’ll be on Jonah Hex.

  7. Jack Kirby
    Micheal Turner
    Mike Mignola
    Grabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.. hehehehe

    BTW: sorry for not attending the book signing ninyo kay nag adto ko sa Imperial kay Bday sa akong mama…

  8. Wow. Both Batman #1 and Avengers #1 had weird endings.
    as to Avengers #1 – in the Next Avengers movie, that character seen on the last page was the one who defeated the future Ultron, so maybe he’s the one who replaces Ultron becoming like his character from Old Man Logan, which would be awesome.

    I’d also give Jack Kirby a black lantern ring and ask him what he smoked while visualizing the characters he co-created with Stan.
    as for the living. I’d like to meet Mignola, Kirkman, Ellis, Moore and of course, the coolest guy in comics (in my opinion) Jim Steranko, agent of

  9. @ Kris
    It’s cool, man. We’ll have more chances to hang out in the future.

    I never saw that Next Avengers movie, was it any good?

    I’d actually love to meet Ellis too, and I’d let him try Red Horse and ask him what he thinks.

  10. The Next Avengers movie was ok, I mean for me it was more fun than the Ultimate Avengers movies. Maybe because I read the book and expected more and I’m not sure if there’s a Next Avengers comic, is there?

    Does Alex know that there’s a “Quit Facebook Day”? It’ll be on May 31, 2010. lol

  11. As far as I know, this is the first time we’re seeing the Next Avengers in sequential form.
    Here’s a DVD cover I found online. SPOILER ALERT: For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet, the text gives you hints about who the “parent avengers” are.

  12. @Peter hells yeah Quit Facebook day! I’m just concerned how they handle their users’ information and privacy. That’s all.

    I think we should watch Next Avengers. I guess Bendis is incorporating it to the Marvel U so that it can attract new readers. It’s a good move, in my opinion.

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