Tres Komikeros 50 – Iron Man: Extremis

EJ, Alex, and John reunite to review Ellis and Granov’s iconic contemporary take on Iron Man, which laid down the groundwork for modern stories about ol’ shellhead.  The boys also discuss the newly revealed movie outfits of Cap and Thor.

In the panel discussion, the boys discuss the biggest changes in their geekhood since they began the podcast almost two years ago.

Download the audio file here



13 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 50 – Iron Man: Extremis

  1. @sir gerry – lol. mukha ngang si Mandrake si Thor. plus, i just can’t get over the hammer’s design.

    @TK’s – congrats on airing your 50th episode. i’m a bit surprised, i honestly didn’t think you’d go this far. lol. just kidding.

  2. It’s actually a typo. In the end of issue two, when the Extremis-enhanced terrorist gets into the van, the driver talks to him and calls him Madden.

    Personally, I think his real name is Jennifer.

  3. Also, I like the costumes and how they look. I just think the modern/mesh armor look is starting to get old. I know it’s supposed to give the costumes a modern functional look, but it’s getting old. Thor should have awesome Norse armor plates instead of this bulletproof mesh Kevlar vest with giant buttons. And if they can make Cap’s stars a bit larger, especially the one on his chest.

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