Tres Komikeros 52

EJ, Alex, and John sit down on 24 Hour Comic Day to record the last episode of TK for this season.  The boys review Superman #701, Batman #701, and Invincible Iron Man #28.  They also discuss the recently released Green Lantern suit, as well as share thoughts on the green-lighting of Warren Ellis’ Hellblazer story, Shoot.

Download the episode here

Enjoy the show, peeps!  We’ll see you in a couple of months!

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2 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 52

  1. Hey John, I think you’re right about Peter Parker being in Superman #702! I actually have noticed a lot of weirdness when it comes to journalism in comics. In one of the first Dick Grayson Batman issues (I think it was one of the 3-issues penciled by Mark Bagley) where Two-Face is looking over the paper clippings of the “media-friendly” Batman. If you look one of the names on the paper is partially covered up but it says, “The aily Bugle.” Hahaha great podcast man!

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