Tres Komikeros 53

WE’RE BACK!  With Alex away on assignment, EJ, Migs, and John reunite to do what they do best — nerd out!  Aside  from talking about the books, TV shows, and movies they’ve been enjoying during the break, the boys review Action Comics #893, SkullKickers #1, and Avengers Prime #3.

After a round of quickshots, the boys discuss rumors of David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman involvement, Emma Stone as MJ, and Tom Welling’s super suit.  Lastly, in the panel discussion: What creative advantages does Marvel have that DC doesn’t; and vice versa?

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9 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 53

  1. “Emma Stone, for those who don’t know is that chick that the Fat Guy liked in Super Bad” Hahahaha, funniest line of the show. Come on guys that Fat Guy has a name… and feelings!

  2. I have a very good picture for the contest. Too bad I’m not allowed to join.

    Anyways, I disagree with EJ when he said that Bendis did not do justice to Avengers when writing Avengers Prime. I think this one excels in showing the relationship between Cap, Iron Man, and Thor not only as heroes, but as long lost friends.

    When was the last time we saw the three of them together? For the past few years Either they’re fighting, or dead, or busy in their own books. In this book, Bendis is rebuilding their lost friend ship and it’s visible in the dialogues. There’s a part where Tony makes a joke and Cap says that he’s used that already. Those small bits of conversation that gives the reader a feeling that “oh, it’s an inside joke between friends!”, is what made me like this book.

    Alan Davis’ art is nothing short of amazing and it gives the book a very nostalgic Avengers feel. This is the kind of Avengers book that old (like John) and new fans will like.

  3. I had to go back and read Avengers Prime #3 because of this podcast and I have to say that I actually agree with EJ. You know, I like Bendis’ stories usually and Prime def has it’s moments but for the most part the dialogue was kind of… suck. For me I just don’t really like the story, I mean didn’t Thor just go to hell? Now he’s in Hel? Are those really different places? I did like seeing the big three back together but with Tony “missing” all the jerk-moves he pulled when he was head of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just waaaaaay too much of a cop-out for me to accept. Which sucks because I really like Matt Fraction and his run on Iron Man has been nothing short of phenomenal BUT really? Tony just forgot what a huge dick he was when he was in charge? Really? Really?!! Thanks for robbing us out of possibly months of interesting sub-plots Marvel! I think my problem isn’t really with Prime itself, I just don’t like how Bendis is handling the Big Three’s reconciliation.

  4. @JohnAmor. Regarding Marvel’s crappy animation series/movies. You should check out Marvel Anime – Iron Man. Done by Mad House. 2 episodes out so far.

  5. In my opinion, DC’s superiority when it comes to animation boils down to the fact they’re under a media giant like Warner Bros. They’ve had years, if not decades, of experience in translating their comic book properties into animated projects since Batman: The Animated Series and with a backer like Warner they’ve enjoyed a stable environment wherein to develop.

    Although, since Disney’s acquisition, I expect Marvel to quickly catch up. Especially when the guys at Pixar get their hands on the Marvel properties.

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