Cover of the Week – Sept. 29 2010

OK,  here we go!

For this edition of CoTW, I choose Captain America – Patriot #2 art by Mitch Breitwiser

So, I guess Captain America is the new Wolverine or Deadpool now. He has a million books with his name on it, and he’s spread out so thin you can see through him.  Joking aside, this cover gets the medal because of the dramatic pose and the clean effective poster-like layout.

Let me illustrate:Also, even though I’m not a big fan of digital art in comics. I’m a big fan of Mitch Breitweiser’s art.  He’s able to give this book a sense of rawness and sketchy pulp feel with his portrayal of a 1940’s superhero era.

So even though I really liked Ryan Sook’s detailed sexy female trio cover in Artifacts #2 (which is really good), this book’s efficient layout and design gets the cake.

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