Tres Komikeros 54

Alex and John meet up to talk about Ultimate Thor #1, Brightest Day #11, and Uncanny X-Force #1.  After a round of quick shots, special guest Jad joins John in a special segment where she recommends Runaways and Neonomicon to new readers.  At the tail end of the show, the boys share their thoughts about Zack Snyder being tapped to direct the next Superman film.

Download the episode here


5 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 54

  1. John, nice pick on Neonomicon! Scalped too! That’s also what I love about Scalped. It’s all the pent up emotion that comes spilling out of the book in new, graphic and violent ways. Like the story arc about Shunka being gay. That was awesome, although in retrospect readers should have figured it out after they saw dude’s earrings. j/k

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