Tres Komikeros 55

John and Migs set up camp and talk about Return of Bruce Wayne #5, Superior #1, and New Avengers #5.  After a  round of quick shots, the boys bring you the first edition of TK Comics 101: What are Legacy Characters?

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4 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 55

  1. unsai mga other legacy characters in the Marvel Uni and also which is your favorite legacy characters and also character moments?
    Mine is Batgirl (cassandra cain) fave of the batgirl… on my fave moment with her… Check-mating with Slade the Terminator as she actually stab her daughter to either fight and let her daughter die or treat her injured daughter.

  2. I honestly don’t think there are very many Marvel legacy characters. Off the top of my head, I can only add Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, and Phoenix to the list (mostly on a technicality).

    My favorite legacy character is Tim Drake (Robin III), as he is probably an even better detective than Bruce. My favorite moment was when he deduced Batman’s secret identity, and he wasn’t even Robin yet.

  3. Here are a few more Marvel Legacy characters: The Human Torch (Invaders & Fantastic Four), Hulk (Green & Red), Moon Knight, and Black Panther.

    My favorite legacy character definitely has to be the Green Lanterns just because of their sheer number, and the recent mythology that Geoff Johns developed for the characters. The Green Lantern name is now clearly a title rather than just a superhero name.

  4. I really liked Superior. It’s think it’s a lot better than Nemesis even though it has that “this is going to be a movie soon” feel. I like the idea that it’s based on the real world and it has superhero and sci-fi elements too. And having a kid as his main character helps in attracting younger readers.

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