TK 60: The List (Part Three)

EJ and Jad join John for the first episode of 2011! Continuing the rundown of TK’s 100 favorite comics, the gang struggles to keep it together as they nerd out around a bottle of red wine.

Download the full episode here.


10 thoughts on “TK 60: The List (Part Three)

  1. Found the Tagalog dialogue in Kingdom Come.

    Superman crashes into the United Nations building, sending people into a panic, with someone in the crowd blurting out: “NANDIYAN NA ANG SIVA ULO! PAPATAYIN NIYA ULO!”


  2. @Jan Mangubat

    Thanks for the support! we’ve recently figured out a recording solution and will be able to do a lot more shows in the coming months. Stay tuned 🙂

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