TK Special: 2011 Movies Prejudged!

John and Migs are joined by Jad as they discuss expectations and qualms about 2011’s upcoming comic book movies.  Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America, and X-Men First Class are all packed into this hour of talk.  Join us again in a few days for  a continuation of TK’s Top 100 Comics.

Download the full episode here.



7 thoughts on “TK Special: 2011 Movies Prejudged!

  1. I like how Chris Evans plays characters who died previously and recently.

    The Thor movie looks good, the Cap movie looks better, the X-Men trailer is surprisingly good, and Green Lantern looks goofy. Nevertheless, I will watch them all.

    And one cool common thing among the movies is that they have very cool villains. ‘Sup Hugo Weaving.

  2. Lol Migs is sooooo hyper in this show wth.

    I agree with alex – never mind that some trailers and movies look better than the others – I’ll probably watch them all despite my misgivings or opinions about what could have been done better.

    And I bet kids aren’t even thinking that far – they’ll just go and watch cos, well, it’s fun to a kid to watch that kind of thing at the movies as opposed to say… a pg-13 Nicolas Cage movie. :/

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