Trades vs Singles

John, Migs, and Alex sit around a pot of serious sauce and discuss every comic fan’s nightmare: Balancing your Fandom with your Finance.  The boys discuss their common purchasing practices and the logic that goes behind their choices.

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13 thoughts on “Trades vs Singles

  1. On a story standpoint, one of the biggest disadvantages of Trades is having cliffhangers.

    1. In between issues, it won’t hit you as much.
    2. In the end of the trade, you’ll have to wait several months.

  2. @Nathan: Cliffhangers aint all that bad, really. Speculating on how a cliffhanger’s going to play out for a month is so much fun. It’s a great conversation starter too.

  3. I think having trades would benefit those who do not want to read 6-12 single issues just to finish a whole story-arc. That way a reader can go through the whole story without stops in between. And if they would like some more or know what’s next, then they could start picking up the singles or at least wait for the next trade.

  4. From a creative standpoint though, it feels very stifling to have to break your story into 22-page chunks for the singles. I can certainly understand the appeal of writing for trade because the rhythm of your story doesn’t get interrupted.

  5. As a book reader first and comics reader second, there’s just no way I can bring myself to like singles better than trades. I’m used to the satisfaction of a whole story, and I don’t mind not being in on the latest “scoop” or current buzz about who just died and stuff. I can go to news portals for that. Let them spend the money. Lol

  6. I still like the fact that you can open a single issue all the way and lay it flat on the table. Let’s you really enjoy those two-page spreads.

  7. I just thought of this on my way to work.
    I think single issues are a good way to introduce someone to comics, and build interest in reading comics.
    I don’t really expect a person who hasn’t read (that much) comics to pick up a trade and read through it without being introduced to that title/character.
    May it be through movies, or the internet, but what I noticed is that after someone reads a single issue of Green Lantern, or Spider-Man, or Batgirl, they will have questions. A lot of them. And these questions are mostly answered through (selected) trades.

  8. Hi guys,

    This was a great podcast..I have been for a long time both a floppy and tpb collector..Its very expensive…this year i am switching to be trade wait collector but i cant resist batman, green lantern…beast of burden…so no solution in sight…


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