TK 62: the List (Part Five)

John, Alex, and Migs sit around a bucket of ice cold beers and bring you the fifth installment of their list of their 100 favorite comics!

Download the full episode here.

9 thoughts on “TK 62: the List (Part Five)

  1. @Gerry: It took me a couple of tries to actually get going with reading Crisis too. Happy I got through it, though.

    @John: Are all Perez-drawn books dense on dialogue?

  2. @Migs… I think they might be. I get the feeling the writers feel they need to make an appearance. LOL

    @Jad …
    …Yes dear.

  3. The comments section looks like a twitter feed.

    Anyways, I’m just started reading Crisis. I ought to finish it soon! Yay me!

    I doubt anyone could read Crisis if they don’t have a basic or intermediate understanding of the DC pre-crisis universe.

  4. Migs, when I read Crisis in the 80s, I didn’t know much about the DC Universe apart from the few comics I read in the 70’s. Of course I knew the basic characters like Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern,Swamp Thing, even the Losers. But everything else was new to me.

    I still ended up liking it because I liked George Perez, and I guess I really wanted to like it because it was such a monumental event. The death of the Losers did bum me out considerably because I loved their comics from the 70’s. I thought they were indestructible.

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