Tres Komikeros 66

Alex, Migs, and John take a break from The List to review three of this week’s hottest books, The Walking Dead #83, Ultimate X #4, and Amazing Spider-Man #657.

SPOILER WARNING: Major plot details of The Walking Dead are discussed.

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5 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 66

  1. The ZsaZsa Zaturnnah musical was pretty terrific so I think a superhero musical could work as long as it’s done well. And the book was translated extremely well for the stage. It had excellent music and excellent acting. Their solutions to the special effects and superheroics in the comic book were pretty inventive and clever. And nobody got hurt during production.

    By all indications, it was a pretty successful musical, having had several runs at the CCP and PETA for the last several years. I believe it’s still going on now.

    None of what I said applies to the movie, I have to add.

  2. Interesting. Part of the problem might also be that Spider-man is too “physical” a character to be translated into live performance. I mean.. he’s not Spidey unless he performs acrobatics and swings on flimsy strings. Zaturnah at least isn’t as defined (or trapped) as Spider-Man is by his physicality. I bet a Daredevil musical would be absolutely horrible.

  3. Some notes:
    -The Zombie gut thing did work but the kid was making too much noise.
    -The girl’s hand didn’t get chopped clean off. A panel is there where you can still see it hanging. Hehe.
    -The gunshot just blew away the orbital part of the eye. The angle of the gunshot would is slanting down towards the side, I guess that’s why the piece of Carl’s hat got shot off because Carl was looking up.
    -Doctor Lady?
    -TURN OFF your cellphone! haha!
    -MIGS: “I don’t think he’s crazy.”
    -Migs: “Is he dead?” Nope.
    -John: “Rick is just gonna go a little crazier.”
    -I think what this issue has done is destroy any chance that the TV series is going to be good enough for the comic book.

    Hehe. Good show you have guys! I just think you shouldn’t have started with the walking dead though. Kinda shot part of the mood’s head and also a part of his hat.

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