DC – Vertigo

John, Migs, and Alex sit down and speculate on the future of Vertigo Comics and the recent appearances of iconic Vertigo characters in the DC Superhero Universe post-Brightest Day.

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Are you guys worried about the future of Vertigo?

Which characters would you like to see cross the DC-Vertigo border?


2 thoughts on “DC – Vertigo

  1. Some corrections:

    -I think I’ve gravely misused the phrase “cleaning out the house”.

    -Some more movie adaptations of Vertigo titles: Swamp Thing & The Losers.

    Will keep trying to get my facts straight. Sorry folks.

  2. Well, I don’t think DC is closing Vertigo’s shop as the rumors about it died down already. Which is a really good sign. I would really lose hope in the comics industry if something as great as Vertigo will be lost due to “business decisions”

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