Tk 71: Inkers and Colorists

After discussing Locke and Key, Wonder Woman, and Smallville news… John, Migs, and Alex pay their dues to the unsung heroes of comic books – inkers and colorists.  Listen to the panel share their thoughts on the two respective artistic disciplines.

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9 thoughts on “Tk 71: Inkers and Colorists

  1. Here’s a follow-up question. With the advent of digital art in comics, do you think the job of an inker will become obsolete?

  2. I’ve tried inking my work digitally, it doesn’t have the same feel and not quite the same look you get from doing it traditionally. Of course, it might just be my personal limitations at work, as well. But I certainly hope digital doesn’t completely replace traditional. There’s something special about being able to hold a finished piece of art in your hand.

  3. I also like Dave McCaig’s coloring, specially on our book Superman: Birthright, which is my favorite inking work of all time. His colors there are stunningly beautiful, I think.

    The one doing colors for us now, Sunny Gho, is also pretty great.

    I don’t like it though, when colorists change the colors of my inks to convey depth or whatever. I already try to convey distance by making lines as thin as possible, making my lines thicker as they come nearer to the reader. For them to change the color of my inks defeats the purpose of what I did as an inker.

    I also don’t like it when they use blur. Blurring is a realistic effect which contrasts with the cartoon world of comics. It’s like Roger Rabbit, or Space Jam in reverse. They cause contrasting realities that take me out of the storytelling.

    As for Wonder Woman… I think there’s still a way of doing this that would make it exciting, at least for me.

    Wonder Woman is part of a larger mythology right? Gods and goddesses, paradise island and so forth? Why not take advantage of this mythology and treat the series like a fantasy series akin to Game of Thrones? Fantasy that’s uncompromisingly grounded in reality. Ensemble cast. Amazon warriors in armor. High stakes. Epic battles. And yeah, change the title to something like “Amazon”.

    I’d love to see something like that. But they won’t, so I’ll just watch Game of Thrones. Because it’s AWESOME.

  4. I’ve been meaning to check that out!

    Thanks for chiming in about colorists superficially changing lineart. I suppose a bad colorists really can undermine an inker’s efforts.

  5. Who gets the credit of putting a photo as a background instead of having a “drawn” background? Or an image texture instead of a “drawn” texture? You know what I mean, right?

  6. I got a question..what drives you to read a comic book? it because of the story? or the art?..for me i am more of a visual let’s just say Jim Lee starts to draw Spawn and considering my preferences i’d say that Spawn will no longer be Spawn if it’s not drawn by Capullo or McFarlane or by someone who emulates both of their styles..

    so no matter how hice jim lee’s storytelling it’d never be the same when Capullo or Mcfarlane drew Spawn..i guess it’s one technique that Mcfarlane used when he decided to delegate the visual chores to Greg Capullo..i mean look at his style on x-force and he even said that his main influence was Marc Silvestri. But when he came aboard Spawn his art was different. So i’d like to pose a question what if Greg Capullo didn’t emulate MrcFarlane’s style..will Spawn still be considered Spawn by’s still written by McFarlane but not drawing it. Would it still be a success?.

    In my opinion I think art is a factor..i think story and art should be 50/50 in determining the success of the comic book..the art should match the story and vice versa..

    I think that’s what Mike Mignola is doing to Duncan Fegredo as to what Mcfarlane did to Capullo..

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