TK 73: Budjette Tan

In this episode of Tres Komikeros, John and Migs are joined by National Book Award Winner, Budjette Tan.  Join us as he talks about the inspiration and research behind his hit noir-horror graphic novel, Trese.

In this hour-long interview, we shed light on strange and amusing factoids such as Budjette’s writing process, his “technique” for writing action sequences, his slowly growing case against Brian Michael Bendis, and much much more.  Enjoy, folks!

Budjette will be answering questions in the comment box below, so feel free to post your queries.

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Featured musical interludes: Morphine

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17 thoughts on “TK 73: Budjette Tan

  1. Strangely enough, I was listening to your podcast last night while going through EDSA on my way home from Makati. I picked up Books 1 to 3.Good job on the interview. guys! 🙂

  2. I felt I was reading a comic book format of Supernatural (TV Series) which is awesome! Kudos to Budjette Tan! 🙂

  3. WOOOF! I missed the interview! And I’ve been waiting for that to happen ever since I read the first Trese book!

    Anyways, Sir Budjette, I’ve been meaning to ask: what’s your favorite Trese story?

  4. Was writing emails while listening to the podcast. I had to double-check to make sure I didn’t unconsciously type ‘Talagbusao’ or ‘Ungo’ in them before sending them out. Great interview guys!

  5. Hi Alyssa,

    The Kambal masks were made by Jay Tablante’s friend and production designer. It was made for the Trese cosplay shoot. According to Jay, the masks are made of fiberglass and the designer used automotive paint to get that shiny texture 🙂

    If you’re asking, what are the masks made of as far the comic book is concerned, then only Lolo Trese can answer that question.


    I’d say it was made from the skull of a dead enchanted creature, but Gaiman already thought of that idea! 🙂

  6. Hi Alex!

    I think my favorite stand-alone story is OUR SECRET CONSTELLATION. And MASS MURDERS would be my favorite of the books 🙂


  7. Hey Budjette!

    Follow up question: what would you say are your favorite filipino paranormal myths?


  8. Hi Migs!

    My favorite Pinoy paranormal myth?

    Can’t really say if I’ve got a big time favorite, but like I said, I grew up hearing the stories about the White Lady and that stayed with me til I grew up.

    I also got freaked out by the manananggal in SHAKE, RATTLE, AND ROLL, first time I saw it. Maybe that’s why they keep popping up in my stories 🙂

  9. Hi Alex!

    I would love to get the chance to write BATMAN and WOLVERINE and the X-MEN! And maybe even the JUSTICE LEAGUE!

    It would also be neat to do a HELLBLAZER story 🙂 And maybe bring HELLBOY to the Philippines!

  10. Hi Markus!

    I would love to be able to work with Gerry Alanguilan and Carlo Vergara, because I’ve known them for the longest time, but we’ve never collaborated on a book.

    Of course, it would also be great to have a story drawn by Leinil Yu! Considering he’s worked with most of the big named writers in Marvel and DC, it would be nice to see my name right beside all those other writes. MWAHAHAHA!

    I’d also love the chance to work with this current batch of Pinoy artists who are now working for Marvel and DC: Philip Tan, Francis Manapul, Harvey Tolibao, Stephen Segovia, to name a few 🙂

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