TK 75: The List (Part 9)

John, Migs, and Alex return to bring you the penultimate edition of TK’s Top 100 Comics!

Download the full episode here

In this episode:

Locke and Key
Umbrella Academy
Peter David’s Hulk
Mark Waid’s Flash
Tom Strong
Walter SImonson’s Thor
V for Vendetta

Featured musical interludes: Methodic Doubt
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3 thoughts on “TK 75: The List (Part 9)

  1. Love the whole TK cast. It’s obvious you guys have man-crushes in the comics industry. Mignola for Alex, Geof Johns for Migs, Bendis for EJ, and Immonen for John. Aside from buying their books, how do you guys plan to take your relationship to the next level?

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