TK 76: Game of Thrones Special

After the boys briefly review some comics from the past week, Jad joins John, Migs, and Alex to discuss the first season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.  Based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy saga, the TV show is one of TK’s favorite new things to come out in 2011, so join the gang as they share thoughts and speculations.

00:01:00 – 00:20:50 Comics Discussion
00:20:51 – 01:02:35 Game of Thrones

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8 thoughts on “TK 76: Game of Thrones Special

  1. Good to know I’m not the only one in the Philippines who’s amazed with Game of Thrones. It seems people who love comic books has a very big chance of loving this show. Keep up the good work on the podcasts, guys!

  2. It’s always fun to hear book virgins discussing the series. Since you guys are comic people you should know that there are supplementary comics based on a series of short stories/novelettes that George Martin wrote set about 80-100 years before the series. It’s a lot lighter and more of a straightforward fantasy/medieval story set during the times when the Targaryens ruled the Seven Kingdoms. There are 3 stories out but the prose versions are difficult to track down because it was published in different collections. The first 2 stories have been adapted into comics called “The Hedge Knight” and “The Hedge Knight 2: he Sworn Sword”. The third story, ” The Mystery Knight” hasn’t been adapted yet. Officially Martin calls this series the tales of the seven kingdoms but everybody else calls them the Duck and Egg books after the main characters.

  3. I’m a lurker of your podcast for a long time now. It’s one of my favorite podcasts online. I would often download episodes and listen to them on my phone when I travel. I never posted here before because I was just content to listen and enjoy it. But I wanted to write to you now to let you know I’ve started to listen to your podcast less and less. Listening to this particular episode, sad to say this may be my last. I enjoyed your podcast a lot when EJ was around, but ever since this Migs person started, I started to get really annoyed. Has anyone told him how annoying he sounds? Well, Migs, I’m telling you that you are very annoying. The sound of your voice, I can’t stand it anymore. I can accept opposing opinions to mine, but you have a way of expressing your opinions that make you sound arrogant and condescending. This episode is supreme example of it. I will follow your advice. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. So I will no longer listen to this podcast as long as you are in it. It’s too bad because I like John, EJ and Alex a lot. And you just had to come and ruin everything.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Jasper. We always appreciate feedback from our listeners.

    I’m sorry you feel this way, the podcast is literally just conversations between friends that we decided to record and share for free, for everyone’s entertainment. With each of us being passionate about our opinions and interests, some friction can’t really be helped — just like in normal conversations.

    all the same, thank you for listening.

  5. Hey man, appreciate the feedback, sucks to hear you feel that way. But it’s nice to hear from our audience, at least we know how you feel and you’re being honest about it. As for the content, it won’t change anytime soon. We’re just some dudes who hang out and talk about stuff we feel passionate about, and it can’t be avoided that some people might feel offended by what we say or how we say it. We like our content to be as genuine as possible and getting feedback like this just proves how true we are to our beliefs. Glad to hear from you Jasper, and thanks for listening to our shows!

  6. Hey Jasper, I appreciate the feedback. I really do. I knew it was only a matter time until someone pointed it out. And I agree with you. Thoroughly.

    But here’s the thing, I’m the show’s douchbag. It’s what I do. I say shit. I push people’s buttons. Stir things up. And I enjoy it.

    Do I go overboard with it? Most definitely! Particularly in this episode, I noticed. I get that way. I’m pretty sure I’ll grow out of it, but for now I’m having my fun.

    But thanks for the heads up. It’s good to know that people are paying attention.

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