TK 77: Agent Schmidt

John, Alex, and Migs bring you a paranormal psycopath kick with Elric: The Balance Lost #1, Witch Doctor #1, and Red Skull #1!  After a round of quick shots, find out which creators the Komikeros would put together on which dream projects!

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Featured musical interludes: The Black Keys

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2 thoughts on “TK 77: Agent Schmidt

  1. My dream team will be, Paul Dini writing Zatanna art by Humberto Ramos and also Delgado on Colors.
    Darwin cook and Paul Dini on Batman
    and I’m excited on Zebb Wells and Joe Mad on Vengeful Spiderman

    Fan Question:
    On the up coming DCnU( aka the apocalypse according to the long readership of DC fans) LOL
    and DCnU books, what books do you look out for and Why?
    Heres mine:
    JLA Dark
    Slade: The Terminator
    Secret Six
    Teen Titans

    On the Marvel Side,

    which books or event are you excited to read?
    Mine are

    Spider-Island (Event)
    Vengeful Spiderman (book)

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