TK 78: Bromance No More

This week the boys discuss Green Lantern #67, Red Wing #1, and X-Men: Schism #1!  After a round of quick shots, John, Migs, and Alex answer a listener question about the books they’re looking forward to with DC’s relaunch in September!

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Featured musical interludes: Incubus

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4 thoughts on “TK 78: Bromance No More

  1. ahahahaha
    I would give alex a massage if he would let me color his work ahahahahaha

    Following up to the question DCnU

    What books will you miss after DCnU starts?

    Red Robin
    Power Girl

  2. I didn’t read any of those regularly. Migs and Alex will miss Zatanna and PG for sure. Personally, I will miss Dick Grayson Batman. I’m also worried about what’s gonna happen to Wally West.

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