TK 83: Tan Tadadaaan TAN TAAAN

The gang’s all here! EJ, Alex, Migs and John coalesce into one new TK entity with no pants but more lines on their costume and review Uncanny X-Force #14, Flashpoint #5, and Justice League #1!  That’s right, the new DC Universe starts here!

Download the episode here

Featured Musical Interludes: Maximum Balloon

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4 thoughts on “TK 83: Tan Tadadaaan TAN TAAAN

  1. @Locus John has always been the host except when he’s sick, having internet problems, or out of town fighting evil cucumbers. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the show, please feel free to tell us.

  2. Personally, it takes a lot for me to not sing everything I say. I believe everyone should sing their words. Then unicorns wouldn’t be so afraid of us humans, and they’d come out of their candy caves and give us rides to the market or Atlantis… @_@

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