TK 89: Leinil Yu

In this special episode of Tres Komikeros, John and Alex are joined by Superstar Marvel artist Leinil Yu.

Join us as we discuss the early days of his career and the countless high-profile projects he has lent his exceptional talent to over the years.  Leinil also briefly discusses Superior and Super Crooks and working with multi-award winning scribe Mark Millar.

Leinil will be answering questions in the comment box below, so feel free to post your queries.

Download the episode here

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8 thoughts on “TK 89: Leinil Yu

  1. Hey! Love your work! wish I could do them paintings.

    I don’t manage my time:) I just stay at home and force myself to draw. now is not a good time actually as I’ve been playing Battlefield 3 a lot.

  2. i’m a big fan and i want to ask, what tips can aspiring artists who wants to enter the comic industry? where should they start? and what should they do? thanks!

  3. 1. Who are your influences and if you could give book recommendations of their work? Also, what book made you realize you wanted to be a comic book artist?
    2. What do you consider to be your most fulfilling work thus far?
    3. What current books do you enjoy reading (if you still have time to read)?


  4. @ Jay,

    assuming you spent years honing your craft with long hours of practice, books and studying other comics, next step would be to put up a site to display your works (deviantart for example). make those marvel sample scripts and send em to submission editors. I think the internet makes it waaay easier now to get discovered, and the fact that Marvel is actively looking for new talent, sending CB Cebulski all over the world.

    a good way to get good is doing some indie comics tho… time is required to develop skills. I was lucky back then that I broke in, even when I wasn’t ready yet. luck was involved.

    @ NAthan,
    1. Travis Charest is a HUGE influence and the one artist I admire the most. I also started studying Whilce Portacio when I was younger and got some great guidance from him for a while. I love the image founders as well as Huges, Mignola, Nowlan and a ton of other comic artists. I love concept artists too like Phantom Menace’s Doug Chiang for my tech. just too many to mention them all.

    2. Superior of course:) all time favorite would be Silent Dragon I guess.

    3. I don’t have time to read as I’m required by law to play videogames when not drawing comics. I read some comics of course:) at the top of my head, I dig Coipel, McNiven, Gerald Parel on covers, Immonen, Clay Mann, Bryan Hitch.


  5. thanks leinil for your tips, 😀 you mentioning that a good thing to do is to go indie made me confident that we’re actually on the right track, in fact a friend and i have plans on going indie maybe next year’s komikon. i really hope that we got our shot in the comics industry. i’m one of your deviantart follower by the way 😀 thanks again…

  6. what do you *do if you get an art block, or feel really down that it get’s in the way of you creating something…
    btw thanks for advice on where to get copics.

  7. Nil! You put the 3 Stars and a Sun on a passenger’s jacket on Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk, Francis M poster on Thor’s room, FMCC banner on Secret Invasion plus you designed several shirts for them (FMCC).. Care to tell us interesting stories about it? 🙂

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