TK 91: 2011 Year Ender Special

In this special episode of the Tres Komikeros podcast, John and Alex sit by the fireplace to recall the year’s ups and downs, hits and misses.  That’s right folks, it’s the last episode of 2011 and it’s high time for some reminiscing.  Listen in as the pals share their favorite artists, writers, books, and story moments of the year.  Enjoy this last bit of TK love from us to end the year with.  Happy Holidays.  We love you like mothers.

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7 thoughts on “TK 91: 2011 Year Ender Special

  1. umm, i actually do… read comics manga style… but i resolve to finish Tex with Alex! If he’s still willing and able.

  2. Since I’m more of a mainstream guy, I love Dan Slott coming out of nowhere and kicking ass with spidey. I also love Snyder’s work in DC. Art wise I really liked the stuff in Animal Man and Thor. Disappointments… well I feel bad for hawk and dove hehehe. i like the characters and their stuck with a ^%&^#$%$#%$#. But you all know I’m very forgiving with art. Luther strode was a nice surprise and I like Alex’s choice of the cowboy and the bear comic, reed gunther. Skullkickers, always an absolute blast to read. I’m sure I also discovered ax cop this year, love it. when a little kid writes a comic and kicks creative ass, that’s just awesome.

  3. More thoughts! Justice is a huge disappointment even if it’s only 3 issues so far. Can’t help it, i’m reading the old runs lol. Although I wish Lee did the art with Morrison. Fave ish, easily Spider Island finale. I’ve been waiting forever for Marvel to highlight Pete’s awesomeness. sniff, hellboy dies… so sad. I’m also really sad about the death of Dwayne Mcduffie. Watching JLU episodes and DC animated movies in his honor. I love that they honor him in Static shock? but i hate that the book itself sucks so bad. i was trying to be forgiving but in light of Mcduffie’s death, it’s horrible. wtf.

  4. As far as reading habits go, I’d like to really learn from what I read. Pick up styles, tricks the artists use. I should note down certain realizations as I read. I always have them, but I forget to write ’em down.

  5. Great Year Ender Special thingy. Thank you for URBAN ANIMAL! Congratulations on Tres Komikeros. New Year Resolution : Support Local Komiks More. Thanks Guys.

  6. Thanks Danry! Next year, I’ll do my best to support and promote Pinoy komiks even if (specially that) I’m outside of the country.

    Also, we’ll finish that comics with EJ. hehe.

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