TK 103: Thup Thup

John, Alex, and Nick meet up in a dark alley and build a cardboard fort all in the spirit of talking about some great comic books!  Reviewed this week are Red Hood and the Outlaws #8, Norby Ela’s Weather Weather Lang, and The Punisher #10!

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     04:00
 Quick Shots                 30:00
 Panel Discussion            43:30

 Featured Musical Interludes: The Black Keys

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3 thoughts on “TK 103: Thup Thup

  1. Great show, guys. I’ve recently started reading Hellboy, BPRD, and Crossed, as per your suggestions. I know John and Alex love these books. I want to know if there is a strict reading order to observe when going through these. Thanks!

  2. Hey DJ, glad to hear you’re starting to read these books. Here’s a basic reading order for Hellboy and BPRD (in TPB form)

    Hellboy – Main Storyline
    1. Seed of Destruction
    2. Wake the Devil
    3. The Chained Coffin
    4. The Right Hand of Doom
    5. Conqueror Worm *
    6. Strange Places
    8. Darkness Calls
    9. The Wild Hunt
    10. The Storm and The Fury

    *After Conqueror Worm, Hellboy and BPRD break into two separate series

    BPRD – Main Storyline (Plage of Frogs cycle)
    1. Hollow Earth and Other Stories
    2. Plague of Frogs
    3. The Dead
    4. The Black Flame
    5. The Universal Machine
    6. Garden of Souls
    7. Killing Ground
    8. The Black Goddess
    9. King of Fear

    BPRD starts off a new arc after Plague of Frogs called BPRD: Hell on Earth, which is still ongoing.

    The internet is a good place to get a detailed order if you want to read every Hellboy/BPRD book out there. You can try visiting and also

    There are more stories outside of the main storylines and all of them tie in together in one way or another. Enjoy reading!

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