TK 107: Bat, Owl, and Spiders

This week John, Alex, and Migs discuss Batman #10, Spider-Men #1, Before Watchmen: Minutemen and Silk Spectre!  It’s a jam-packed show with great comics discussion!

After a round of quick shots, the boys discuss the issue of professional artists parodying Guillem March’s Catwoman #0 cover (see image below)

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     04:20
 Quick Shots                 42:00
 Panel Discussion            51:10

 Featured Musical Interludes: Portugal, The Man

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3 thoughts on “TK 107: Bat, Owl, and Spiders

  1. Hmmm… I’d like to comment on the Catwoman-awkward-anatomy part, if you don’t mind. By the way, before anything else, I’m an avid listener hehe! Keep up the good work, guys! Mangtas gyud ning mga bisaya hehe! I’m from Dumaguete City, by the way.

    Anyways, back to the topic… well, at first glance, I thought it was fine… but then, when I saw the other image, I was a bit confused about the whole thing. And I said to myself, “There’s really something odd about this… hmmm.” I didn’t get the connection initially… even thought it was a back cover LOL! Then I realized after listening to the last part of this episode… I was like, “WHAT?! Oh no! He didn’t!”

    Well, I am an artist, not that good but I can definitely identify “anomalies” in the human anatomy being depicted in an art piece. Looking at the cover, I can say that, indeed, there are some parts that aren’t really normal, so to speak. Like the butt part. It should have been smaller and the head, judging by the perspective that the artist used here, should have been a bit bigger. But it’s not really an issue for me ’cause basically, the whole thing works especially that it’s Catwoman we’re talking here. She is CAT woman after all. I think cats can actually do lots of crazy weird things to its body hehe! But you know, I don’t think it’s a good joke to create another version of the image and really exposing the wrong side of the original art PUBLICLY. For me, it’s not professional at all. Yes, you can criticize somebody’s work, but not in a way that you are, instead, seemingly making fun of the artist and in the end, ultimately embarrassing him to everyone. That’s just rude for me. Like I said… the cover wasn’t an epic thumbs-down, moreso, that it definitely did not fail to deliver the depiction of the character. And the error wasn’t actually that obvious for me until somebody decided to paint it on a huge white wall for the whole world to see. Criticism turned to ridicule… that’s the case.

    That’s all. Cheers!

  2. @rhardo thanks a lot for your insightful comment! We hope we’ll get to see more of your opinions in future episodes!

    @Chummy haha, really? I didn’t notice that!

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