TK 110: The Dark Knight Rises

For this special episode of Tres Komikeros, the boys whip out the deluxe microphones to review the finale to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy — THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!  John and Migs are joined by a co-host of the Watchinging podcast, Macky Pamintuan!  Sit back, relax, set your aircraft on autopilot and enjoy over an hour of free-form discussion regarding the film.

Download the episode here

 Featured Musical Interludes: The Dark Knight Rises OST (Hans Zimmer)

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5 thoughts on “TK 110: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. great show guys, specially the beer bottle sound effects in the background 🙂 just by listening to this podcast i am now reassessing how i felt after watching the movie. my initial impression was quite low, i felt it was kinda dragging me a bit and whats with all them daylight shots that I am not used to seeing in bat films 🙂

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