TK 120: 2012 Year Ender Special


As the end of 2012 approaches, John, Alex and Migs sit down for one last time to look back on their favorites and least favorite things in comics.  Topics range from favorite series and creators, to the… less positive versions of that same discussion. The boys also discuss what they’re excited about in the coming year in comics.

With the holidays (and possibly the End of All Things) upon us, we at the Tres Komikeros Podcast would like to thank all of you for sticking with us since 2008.  None of us are math majors, but that’s like… nine years you’ve joined us for comics talk every week.  Kidding aside, we wouldn’t still be doing this show if we didn’t love the medium, and sharing it with friends.

Happy Holidays from John, Alex, Miguel, EJ, Nick and Butch!  Here’s to more great stories and great discussions in 2013!  Thanks!

Download the episode here

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