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TK 87: The DC Relaunch (Part 4)

EJ, Migs, and Alex talk about the fourth and final week of DC’s relaunch.

Fish and chips!  Nth Metal!  One Face?!?

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Featured Musical Interludes: The Black Keys

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Tres Komikeros 43

John and Alex team up to bring you reviews of Brave and the Bold #32, Green Hornet: Year One #1, and Siege #3!  After a round of quickshots, the boys discuss the rumor about Evans being Captain America and then go serious to discuss the trend of violence in comics and how it hurts the industry.

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At the tail end of the show, John makes a personal announcement and introduces the TK Book Club — the monthly group reading activity that TK will spearhead to expand comic fan interaction.  April’s TK Book Club Pick is Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing (volume one).  Listen to the show to learn more.

Tres Komikeros 37

It’s the 2009 Year Ender Episode with not two… not seven… but FOUR Komikeros at the microphones.  Listen to EJ, Alex, John, and Migs recount the year’s best and worst comic moments, single issues, moments, and of course, ongoing titles.  Enough with the preamble — this episode’s jam-packed, so get to listening!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Download the episode here.